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Not sure if you've checked it out:
http://omnipotent.net/jquery.sparkline/ nice lib if you are on the jquery side of the fence.

looks like a good lib. I definitely prefer the cleanliness of jQuery and most of it's plugins, especially compared to YUI's verbose syntax. However, I do like having EVERYTHING hosted and ALL the documentation centralized. I only use it for admin consoles though, since it's so freakin bloated. Even though it's frowned upon, I love mixing the two together, especially since they're both available through the google API (http://code.google.com/apis/ajaxlibs/)

Beautiful! For a while now I've been puzzling over how to make the complete charts component much more dynamic rather than having to write a function for each chart I need.

Using the response from the ajax to get all of the fields and chart settings is simply genius!

Thanks a lot!

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